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You are what you think.

Sure, your family and friends think they’re being helpful with their messages, telling you not to stress, to stop trying so hard and not think about it, but really, honestly, how infuriating is that? You can’t just expect someone to forget about their problems and stop stressing just because you tell them to. We love them and know that they are trying, they mean well, but they likely are really just adding to your already existing stress.

Sure, you can’t put the blame on others for your possible fertility problems, but if you’ve been taking over 6 months to get pregnant, stress may possibly be a factor. It’s said that about 30% of infertility cases may be pointed back to stress.

Stress can affect a number of things in your body, one of which is fertility. You could be eating more poorly, drinking more, or smoking because of stress. Stress on its own can affect ovulation, as well as derail fertilization and implantation.

Let’s face it, infertility alone is stressful, procedures are stressful, waiting is stressful. While we aren’t exactly sure what the exact tie is to stress and infertility, it is expected that hormones like cortisol and epinephrine, which are on the rise during times of stress, may have something to do with it.

It is also suspected that a reduction in stress may also increase blood flow to the uterus, which can help with conception. Some studies found that couples who generally reported feeling good were much more likely to have become pregnant, than those couples who reported feeling tense or anxious.

A large number of infertile couples have not been given a specific cause to their infertility. This can be somewhat infuriating because how do you know what to fix if you can’t tell what needs fixing. Well surprise, surprise, some doctors believe that in many of the “unexplained infertility” diagnoses that stress is the common factor.

Meditation, yoga, writing out your thoughts, taking some time for yourself and taking some time for your partner are all methods of stress relief that can make significant changes.

Keep an eye out for future articles in our Stress Relief series to help hone those skills.


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