Mayan Fertility Massage

One in every four couples are likely to have issues with conception and will, therefore, have the need to seek help with fertility. There are a number of issues that a person can be experiencing, on the site of both the male and the female that are contributing to infertility. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to help.

In this article, I’m going to talk about massage for fertility, particularly the Mayan fertility massage and its benefits to both women and men and how its techniques differ from those used in other styles of fertility massage.

What Is The Mayan Fertility Massage?

The Mayan Fertility Massage, also known as Arvigo Maya Abdominal massage is an ancient Mayan technique to massage the abdominal area in order to improve fertility.

The Mayan fertility massage is an external non-invasive massage, which works by manipulating the muscles and tendons that hold the belly organs in place. In other words, it is a technique used to help the proper alignment and blood flow of the uterus and surrounding organs.

In addition, the Maya abdominal massage helps to relieve blockages and congestion in order to improve the flow of blood, lymph, nerve impulses and energetics to the tissues and ligaments in the pelvic area.

The Maya fertility massage can be very effective in correcting a prolapsed, fallen, or tilted uterus. It also helps to prevent and treat benign prostate enlargement in men and as well as helping to assist in treating various digestive disorders.

Proponents: Rosita Arvigo and Mr Panti

The Mayan fertility massage is a technique developed by Rosita Arvigo, a herbalist and well-known doctor of naprapathy. Rosita Arvigo developed the Arvigo Maya technique in the 1980s while in Belize. During that time, she was apprenticing with the famous Maya Shaman Don Elijio Panti.

Mr. Panti regards the uterus as the woman’s centre and if it is not in proper position, then it tends to throw a woman off balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Having said that, let us now look at some of the benefits associated with Mayan fertility massage.

Benefits of the Maya Fertility Massage for Woman

Prepares the body for a healthy pregnancy

For women who suffer from frequent miscarriages, the Maya fertility massage helps in ensuring that the womb is ready to carry a healthy pregnancy. It prepares the whole body for the pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the Maya abdominal massage technique helps to support the growing uterus by ensuring that it is in its optimal position within the pelvic bowl, which in turn helps to support the growing baby to come into optimal fetal positioning.

Improves Menstrual Problems

The massage helps to restore healthy menstrual flow especially in women suffering from amenorrhea. It also helps to regulate problems associated with menses such as cramps, irregular cycles, clotting and heavy bleeding. In addition, it helps to ensure that your menses are not painful and uncomfortable.

Re-aligns the uterus and improves the uterus lining

The abdominal therapy helps to support fertility and pregnancy in that it aligns the uterus in its optimal position more so in the case of a prolapsed or “tilted” uterus. In addition, it helps to regulate and normalize hormones, as well as to clear congestion and stagnation, which helps to develop a healthy uterine lining. What’s more, the Maya abdominal massage helps to tone, cleanse and improve the lining of the uterus.

Supports uterine muscles and ligaments

The Arvigo Maya abdominal massage helps to tone up the uterine muscles, enabling them to coordinate better during pregnancy and labour. It also helps to nourish the uterine ligaments, which are normally stretched to their fullest during labour and birth, helping them go back to their original size after birth more easily.

Can relieve some of the common symptoms of pregnancy

The Mayan fertility massage can help to relieve discomfort associated with pregnancy such as heaviness in the pelvis, headaches, heartburn, indigestion and pain in the lower back.

Other ways the Arvigo abdominal massage benefits fertility include:

– It increases the flow of blood to reproductive organs

– It helps to ensure that follicles are nourished by supplying them with fresh blood and oxygen

– Helps to break down scar tissue and adhesions

– Helps cysts to dissolve

– It helps to improve the function of the fallopian tubes by resolving blockages

– It releases emotional blockages by relieving anxiety and stress hormones

– Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients

Benefits for Men

– It helps to regulate an enlarged prostate

– Helps to improve blood flow to the reproductive organs

– Improves sperm count, motility and morphology

– Improves the digestion and absorption of nutrients

How The Maya Fertility Massage Differs from Regular Fertility Massage

Apart from the Arvigo techniques that are commonly used in the Maya Fertility massage, there is a wide range of techniques that are also used to improve fertility such as myofascial release and Mercier therapy. These techniques are similar in that they incorporate abdominal bodywork in their approach. However, they are also different in that the Maya fertility massage incorporates the use of specific massage strokes, diet and lifestyle modifications and herbal therapies to enhance fertility, while other fertility techniques may incorporate myofascial release, acupressure, integrative reflexology, castor oil therapy, deep tissue massage, and Chi Nei Tsang.


The Mayan fertility massage can be very helpful in improving a person’s fertility in both males and females. The techniques focus on massaging the sacrum and abdominal area to help with organ alignment, nourishment and blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Besides the massage techniques, a Mayan fertility massage practitioner will also often provide insight and advice on any dietary changes that may be necessary in order to help improve the chances of fertility.

Overall, this form of massage can be very helpful for men who need help with their sperm count, motility and morphology and for women needing help to improve egg health, follicles, fallopian tubes and cervical mucus production, which are all paramount to be in good shape to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

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