How to Do A Homemade Pregnancy Test With Dettol

If you do not have time to go buy an over-the-counter pregnancy test or to visit your doctor, then a homemade pregnancy test with Dettol may work to give you an indication of pregnancy, according to several sources. In this article, you are going to learn more about how to do a homemade pregnancy test with Dettol, and whether it is reliable or effective.

Dettol Pregnancy Test

What you need

¾ cup of morning urine

¼ cup of Dettol

A colorless container


  1. Mix the ¼ cup of Dettol with the ¾ cup of first urine of the day
  2. Wait for a minimum of 5 minutes
  3. Examine the changes that have taken place after mixing the two.


– If the urine forms a separate visible layer over the Dettol, then that is an indication you could be pregnant.

– On the other hand, if the solution does not change in any way, then It means the test result is negative.

Tips for Doing a Homemade Pregnancy Test with Dettol

– Ensure that you do the pregnancy test with the first urine of the day.

– Ensure that you drink a lot of water the previous night so that you can have enough urine to conduct the pregnancy test.

– Ensure that you wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes before you can check the results.

– For confirmation, repeat the procedure several times or use an alternative homemade or drug store pregnancy test.

Disadvantages of using a Dettol Pregnancy Test

– No scientific data is available to prove the accuracy of Dettol as a pregnancy test

– Chances of detecting pregnancy during the early days are minimal

– The quantity of the ingredients to be used is not well stated.

– It can give a false negative or positive

Does Dettol Pregnancy Test Work?

Some reviews across the web seem to confirm that Dettol pregnancy test actually works. On the other hand, some reviews claim that Dettol tends to give negative results when one is pregnant and positive results when one is not pregnant. In addition, some doctors say that a Dettol test cannot be said to give accurate results. Therefore, before you can conclude that you are pregnant, it would be important to incorporate other homemade or drugstore tests.

How Effective or Reliable is the Homemade Pregnancy Test with Dettol

It is hard to ascertain whether the Dettol pregnancy test is accurate because no adequate studies have been done to assess false positives and negatives. In addition, it is believed that Dettol is not an effective pregnancy test because it is not able to detect HCG in urine, which is what helps one to detect whether they are pregnant or not.

What’s more, Dettol tends to turn milky when you add any liquid to it including plain water or urine regardless of whether you are pregnant or not.

After you do a Dettol pregnancy test, it is important that you visit your doctor so that you can have a confirmatory blood test done. A blood test is considered to be at least 97% accurate and it tends to give a clear indication of whether you are pregnant or not.

Parting Shot!

In order to confirm that you are indeed pregnant, it is important that you use the Dettol pregnancy test together with an over the counter HCG pregnancy test or visit your gynaecologist for a blood test. This is because a homemade pregnancy test with Dettol can sometimes show a false negative or positive.


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