Reflexology For Fertility

If you are experiencing fertility issues, then chances are you will try anything in order to have a baby. Every woman knows that the longer she waits, the more difficult it will be to conceive. Unfortunately, this can increase stress levels and cause a certain degree of anxiety around falling pregnant, which is also counter-productive to fertility.

Anything that can help to alleviate stress can be a benefit to one’s well-being and also make the chances of conception more likely. However, there is a lot of talk that Reflexology can do a lot more for female fertility than just bring about a calming effect.

What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a form of complementary therapy in which the practitioner (a Reflexologist) applies various massage techniques to different points on the feet, lower legs, hands, arms and even the face and ears.

These areas of the body are divided into zones and are said to pertain to and therefore, have an effect on certain organs, anatomical structures and physiological functioning within the body in order to promote health and well-being.

Most commonly, a Reflexologist will work on the zones of the feet. However, the practitioner may select and focus on the zones that will be most beneficial for the client and their condition if a person wants help with a particular condition.

The use of reflexology can be traced back to ancient times and was specifically used in Egypt and varies parts of China and India. Although this therapy has continued to be popular in the East since these times, it has not been common practice in the West prior to the 20th century.

How Does Reflexology Work?

Reflexology is a technique based on massaging and stimulating various points and zones of the hands and feet, and sometimes also the ears and face.

Reflexology theory states that when there are tension and congestion in particular zones, it will also cause or correspond to congestion in the organ or bodily system to which it relates. Therefore, by stimulating and massaging these zones, the discord within the related organ may also be freed up and, therefore, help to restore optimal health.

Reflexology is a gentle technique and also contributes to promoting relaxation, soothing stress and tension in the body and mind.

Many people have reflexology treatment regularly in order to keep their body functioning efficiently and also as a preventative from of treatment.

Does Reflexology Help Fertility?

Many people are convinced that Reflexology has been a huge factor in helping them to conceive. By working to restore the natural functioning of the body, Reflexology may be a big help in restoring the natural functioning of the ovaries, promote healthy blood flow to the sex organs and bring about an overall sense of well-being and calmness that can help to combat stress.

Numerous women have come forward to tell their stories of how they became pregnant shortly after beginning reflexology treatment, so much so that various studies have now been carried out on the effectiveness of the treatment for this condition.

Despite the numerous positive reviews for Reflexology for fertility, the results from studies are as yet inconclusive.

How Does Reflexology Help Fertility?

As mentioned earlier, Reflexology has been found to be especially effective in reducing stress and promoting relaxation as well as providing several other health benefits such as helping to lower the blood pressure, according to >>one study shown here<< Copyright © 2014 J. E. M. McCullough et al.

Reflexologists also believe that the treatment works to support the organs, structures and functioning of the reproductive system in order to bring about the correct environment for a healthy conception to take place.

Reflexology has been found to assist with lymph drainage, promote the circulation and also have a calming effect on the nervous system. Therefore, it may be possible that these effects can also have a transferable effect on the reproductive system.

Reflexology for Fertility-Related Conditions

Many women visit a reflexologist for fertility specific conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), cervical problems, issues with the menstrual cycle such as amenorrhea (absence of periods) or dysmenorrhea (painful periods), imbalances with the hormones, pelvic inflammatory disease and even blockages in the fallopian tubes.

Although there is little evidence to support the effectiveness of the treatment on these conditions, the positive reports from women who have had treatment for this kind of conditions are extensive.

Considering that Reflexology is a relatively safe and natural form of therapy, it should be suitable for most women who are wanting to get pregnant. However, it is always a good idea to let your doctor know if you are considering trying any form of complimentary therapy and allow yourself to be guided by their advice.

Can You Do Reflexology To Yourself?

Many women who are considering reflexology for infertility issues often ask whether they may be able to apply the therapy themselves.

Although it is, of course, tempting for a person to try to apply the treatment themselves by looking at a reflexology zone chart of the feet or hands, it is recommended to resist this temptation if a person has limited or no knowledge of reflexology. Instead, seek out the help of a qualified reflexologist who can give you proper treatment and apply the therapy safely.

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