How Does Bone Broth Help Fertility?

Bone broth is something I hadn’t heard of until fairly recently. I was on a fitness kick and was looking for lean protein to add to my diet.

I came upon bone broth. The stuff you can get at the store is packed with protein, with little to no fat and minimal calories.

I decided to look into it a little more, as I recalled hearing about fertility benefits in passing, but never put much weight into it. I figured it was just another fad.

Well, I was definitely wrong. It seems like there are little to no down sides to bone broth. It has a ton of redeeming qualities, which I’ll go over below.

Gut Health

This is what it comes down to. Bone broth is great at healing or helping gut issues like leaky gut. Specifically for fertility, gut health can help balance hormones and reduce inflammation, both of which are hugely important with infertility.

If your gut health is compromised with conditions such as leaky gut, you are less likely to produce hormones. This is because your body can’t properly absorb the essential nutrients it needs to in order to produce the hormones needed in conception.

Inflammation is sometimes caused by certain foods like dairy products. It’s known to irritate and could even possibly cause conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and premature ovarian failure. Research has also suggested that chronic inflammation could decrease chances of an embryo being able to properly implant.

The collagen found in bone broth is what helps with things like leaky gut and reduces the chronic inflammation.

It’s also packed with amino acids, which are also known as the building blocks of proteins. They are vital in our bodies for not only the building of proteins, but also the synthesis of hormones.

These amino acids include arginine, proline, glycine, and glutamine, all of which are important to your reproduction. Arginine, in particular, helps to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, which is vital the entire conception process, especially implantation. At one point, my doctor prescribed a supplement for this (L-Arginine) to help increase my uterine lining. I now know that I could have been drinking bone broth to help all along.

You can choose to either make it at home (which seems to be the preferred, recommended way) or buy it in the store. I always recommend using organic ingredients or buying organic bone broth. This is because you want to avoid any added hormones or antibiotics that could completely throw off all of the amazing things we’re trying to accomplish by drinking it.

My preferred (tasting) bone broth is made from chicken. I typically will slow cook a whole chicken, then when it’s done, leave all the juices, pick off the meat and leave everything else behind. You can add some extras to enhance the taste (there are plenty of good recipes available), but I prefer good old unseasoned – well, with a little salt anyways. Add a few cups of water, depending on how concentrated you prefer it to taste, you may have to play around with it. I add about 4 cups typically and let it cook on low for another 24 hours in the slow cooker. I also buy bone broth for when I just don’t feel like cooking and love that as well, of course always, always organic!

Now, I’m not saying that bone broth is a cure-all and a perfect answer to these conditions, but it sure can help balance that gut health and possibly decrease inflammation. I’d say a little broth is worth a shot if it means that you’re improving your fertility!

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