3 Fertility Benefits from Turmeric You Can’t Miss

Turmeric has been used in India for centuries not only as a spice, but as a medicinal herb. More recently in the U.S., it’s something that has become pretty trendy in the past few years. Turmeric lattes, golden milk, and everything curry has had a real surge of popularity. People generally know that it has health benefits, but do you really understand what that means?

The part of turmeric that provides us with the most health benefits is the compound within turmeric called curcumin. You can certainly use turmeric in its raw, root form, but you’re more likely to get the benefits from it when it’s consumed in a powder or pill form that pairs it with black pepper.

Curcumin alone is poorly absorbed by the body. However, when the piperine from black pepper is combined with the curcumin from turmeric, the body is better able to absorb the curcumin. Research has shown that it enhances the absorption by up to 2,000%!

Curcumin has historically been associated with health benefits including reduced inflammation and pain, prevention of cancer and as a digestive aid. It’s only recently that we’ve started to discover the benefits when it comes to fertility.

Let’s take a look at exactly how it benefits our fertility:

1. Powerful Antioxidant

According to medlineplus.gov of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, “antioxidants are man-made or natural substances that may prevent or delay some types of cell damage.” Our sperm and eggs can be damaged by free-radicals, however the antioxidants help to prevent this damage. When damaged, the eggs and sperm won’t function at their highest levels. Often times this can cause poor quality sperm and/or eggs, resulting chromosomal abnormalities, or often times in infertility.

It’s important during the time you are ready for conception that you are loading up on foods high in antioxidants. The curcumin in turmeric is ideal for this, as it packs a powerful punch. It acts in two ways: it helps to block free-radicals, but it also boosts our body’s own antioxidant enzymes.

2. Potent Anti-inflammatory

Curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties have long been used as pain relief for ailments such as arthritis. It’s even been said that curcumin is so potent that it rivals some anti-inflammatory drugs.

Inflammation is our body’s response to cellular injury, infection or allergies. It is generally characterized by redness, swelling, pain and heat.

Inflammation can be associated with a number of medical conditions, but did you know it has a great effect on fertility in both men and women? It can have a negative impact on sperm and egg quality. Additionally, chronic inflammation may cause a hostile environment in the uterus, which may inhibit implantation.

3. Improves Conditions Associated with Infertility

Turmeric has been associated with improving male fertility longer than their female counterparts. Research is ever evolving, but what we do know is that everything mentioned above can have a significant impact on certain conditions associated with female infertility.

Reduced inflammation can have a dramatic effect on conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, premenstrual pain, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids. Curcumin has been known to stimulate blood flow to the uterus as well as reproductive organs, removing old, stagnant blood.

Best Ways to Incorporate into Your Diet

Turmeric powder has a potent taste and may be off-putting to those that aren’t already familiar with its taste. It can, however, be enhanced when prepared the right way, or masked with other flavors quite well.

I personally am I big smoothie fan. I add a teaspoon (or scoop – depending on brand and form of turmeric powder) into my berry and protein powder smoothie. I will often add cinnamon and coconut milk as my wet ingredient to blend it all together, as they give it a bit of a middle-eastern vibe that I quite enjoy. The flavor is not very strong and would be recommended for someone that isn’t a big fan of turmeric.

As I mentioned earlier, another popular form is with golden milk. The way it is prepared softens the otherwise strong flavor it can have, but again, it’s a particular taste that not everyone will like. It generally consists of turmeric powder, coconut milk (or milk alternative), and ginger. You can find a lot of great recipes online and I really enjoy it when sweetened lightly with honey.

There are a lot of easy ways to incorporate this into your diet in highly enjoyable ways. It’s worth the effort, try it out!

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